As you look around our culture today, there is often more division than unity. People are divided about everything from race to politics to what we should watch on Netflix. But out of this context, the Gospel speaks a profound truth. In Christ, we are ONE. TOGETHER. UNITED.

Through this DNOW, our desire is to help students understand what it means to have biblical unity, despite our differences.

In the Early Church, “all the believers were united in heart and mind” (Acts 4:32) and God used this group to change the world with the gospel. Teenagers can be a part of that unity and power to see God change the world today.

March 1-3

Early Bird through January 30 – $50

After January 30 – $65

Registration Deadline – FEBRUARY 13

Price Includes 
3 Worship Experiences, Interactive Student Book, Saturday lunch, T-Shirt

Contact:  Matt Williams or church office

Email: mwilliams@northlakebaptist.org

Office Phone: 470-252-7741 


Speaker: Sam Bhatt

Northpoint Inside Out Band

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